Zeynep Ucbasaran, concert pianist
Santa Barbara, California

What the critics are saying

W. A. Mozart Early Sonatas (2-CDs, JDT3403), 

                  Late Sonatas (2-CDs, JDT3404)  and pianist  ZEYNEP Ucbasaran

(On JDT 3403) "The playing is throughout natural and unforced, with slow moveents particular highlights... if you want to hear Mozart on a modern Steinway in performances that allow the music to speak without particular interference between you and the composer, but without being prim or academic,  you should be well pleased with these two CDs."
Christopher Howell, MusicWeb, London
 (On JDT 3404) "This is Mozart playing at the highest level."
 Christopher Howell, MusicWeb, London
"Consummate Mastery - ... an art of crystalline clarity. - With these four CDs and thirteen sonatas Zeynep Ucbasaran brings her complete cycle to a close.. Zeynep Ucbasaran's musicianship is such that she conjures from the modern concert instrument all the delicacy and subtlety of tone that a Mozart instrument can provide. Nor have contemporary habits imposed any undue speeds. The performances are clearly the result of deep thought distilled into an art of crystalline clarity."
Robert AndersonMusic & Vision
"The brilliant Turkish-born pianist Zeynep Ucbasaran begins this double CD with a sparkling performance of that first sonata and also plays six other early Mozart sonatas... Since 1996 she has lived in Santa Barbara, California, and become internationally acclaimed for her solo recitals, concerts and chamber music performances. Mozart sonatas can be almost boring when played badly but the performances here are excellent - natural, inventive, spontaneous and deeply satisfying. Zeynep Ucbasaran’s vibrant interpretations of these diverse works elegantly captures the essential poetry in the music.  Eroica have also released a second double CD (JDT 3404) by Zeynep Ucbasaran, featuring six of Mozart’s late piano sonatas. Both albums are highly recommended."
John Pitt, New Classics